Rob Knight

The disappearing view Yesterday I made the first trip to Goodwill for The Move. That means my time on this dock, watching this lighthouse, has an end date. I love this spot. It has been a healing place. I will miss it, but I am ready for what comes next.

From the gopher’s perspective.

There are so many fish in the Santa Cruz harbor right now. My not exaggerating guess would be in the high hundreds of thousands.

Sherbet sky over Santa Cruz, 18 March 2022.

📚 The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

I love where I live.

It wasn’t last night’s unbelievable sunset. But the sound of the waves was soothing.

Kitchen wall calendar

For the past couple of years, I’ve had a calendar on the wall of my kitchen. I cross each day off right before I go to bed every night. Obviously it’s helpful during a global pandemic to mark the passing of days since they all feel the same. But as a habit, I appreciate seeing what has …

Early-2022 Zoom view. Sure to change.


Sunsets have been going crazy lately.

What soothing place to come back to in 2022. I plan to spend more time here.