2023-11-13: Your Small Imprecise Ask Is a Big Waste of Their Time Imprecise asks from managers and leaders …

2023-06-05: Perfect application of brushed metal.

2023-05-20: Tonight I made pizza and a disaster and I loved the taste of both.

2023-05-09: Through a period of change I like having a somewhat secluded place for myself on the internet. I like to think outloud on the …

2023-03-31: Aviation nerd achievement: a Raspberry Pi ADS-B receiver that feeds data to FlightRadar24.😍

2023-03-30: It’s been a week of magnificent reflections here in my little spot by the ocean.

2023-01-12: I need a bot to post either an image from Midjourney or prose from ChatGPT to my Twitter account at …

2023-01-11: We finally got some sunshine yesterday.

2022-12-30: I finally went to the harbor after dark to get photos of this amazing boat decoration.🖖

2022-12-25: This time of year is “sunset season” in my area of California. Last night’s sunset lived up to the …

2022-12-16: I was in Memphis on Tuesday evening at this week’s big storm approached.

2022-12-08: I am certainly going to miss these Georgia skies.

2022-12-03: Georgia, you have lovely skies. ❤️

2022-11-25: We tried to look tough. But this being the morning after a day full Thanksgiving cooking and …

2022-11-22: Why this movement away from Twitter feels different I’m probably oversimplifying, but this seems like the first ever mass-migration from one …

2022-11-21: I really enjoyed wandering around downtown Savannah, Georgia over the weekend.

2022-11-18: It’s been a good week for dinner bowls

2022-11-16: I love making a good veggie sauté.

2022-11-11: Arkansas, we will meet again. ❤️

2022-11-07: Breakfast at the campsite

2022-10-26: Preparing to move is weird and hard Preparing to move is weird and hard I wish there was a shortcut through the moving process. Even …

2022-10-24: Salad. I nailed this one. 😘

2022-10-16: Some ads from a 1969 issue of Life Magazine about the moon landing.

2022-09-04: The most brilliant sunset tonight. 😍

2022-08-03: Day 4 of COVID. I’m fortunate to report the strangest symptom I have is cucumbers taste gross. I …

2022-07-18: The disappearing view Yesterday I made the first trip to Goodwill for The Move. That means my time …

2022-06-28: From the gopher’s perspective.

2022-05-15: There are so many fish in the Santa Cruz harbor right now. My not exaggerating guess would be in the …

2022-03-20: Sherbet sky over Santa Cruz, 18 March 2022.

2022-02-22: 📚 The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

2022-01-20: I love where I live.

2022-01-15: It wasn’t last night’s unbelievable sunset. But the sound of the waves was soothing.

2022-01-13: Kitchen wall calendar For the past couple of years, I’ve had a calendar on the wall of my kitchen. I cross each day …

2022-01-12: Early-2022 Zoom view. Sure to change.

2022-01-11: Finn

2022-01-11: Sunsets have been going crazy lately.

2022-01-11: What soothing place to come back to in 2022. I plan to spend more time here.