Rob Knight

I need a bot to post either an image from Midjourney or prose from ChatGPT to my Twitter account at random intervals so I can keep my handle.

We finally got some sunshine yesterday.

I finally went to the harbor after dark to get photos of this amazing boat decoration.🖖

This time of year is “sunset season” in my area of California. Last night’s sunset lived up to the hype.

I was in Memphis on Tuesday evening at this week’s big storm approached.

I am certainly going to miss these Georgia skies.

Georgia, you have lovely skies. ❤️

We tried to look tough. But this being the morning after a day full Thanksgiving cooking and festivities, rough is a more appropriate adjective.

Why this movement away from Twitter feels different

I’m probably oversimplifying, but this seems like the first ever mass-migration from one social network to somewhere else motivated by sudden shock rather than sudden popularity. There’s still a network effect, but the primary motivation is not the novelty of something new and exciting. …

I really enjoyed wandering around downtown Savannah, Georgia over the weekend.

It’s been a good week for dinner bowls

I love making a good veggie sauté.

Arkansas, we will meet again. ❤️

Breakfast at the campsite

Preparing to move is weird and hard

Preparing to move is weird and hard I wish there was a shortcut through the moving process. Even more, I wish there was a shortcut for communicating with others during a move. Expressing and enforcing boundaries is not easy for me. Boundaries are imperative during a move. There is always more to do …

Salad. I nailed this one. 😘

Some ads from a 1969 issue of Life Magazine about the moon landing.

The most brilliant sunset tonight. 😍

Day 4 of COVID. I’m fortunate to report the strangest symptom I have is cucumbers taste gross. I thought it was a fluke, but I sampled a different cucumber and the taste was the same. It certainly hasn’t been a “mild” bout of COVID, but my symptoms are otherwise manageable.

The disappearing view Yesterday I made the first trip to Goodwill for The Move. That means my time on this dock, watching this lighthouse, has an end date. I love this spot. It has been a healing place. I will miss it, but I am ready for what comes next.

From the gopher’s perspective.

There are so many fish in the Santa Cruz harbor right now. My not exaggerating guess would be in the high hundreds of thousands.

Sherbet sky over Santa Cruz, 18 March 2022.

📚 The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

I love where I live.