I like having a somewhat secluded place for myself on the internet. I like to think outloud on the internet, so to speak. Sometimes I’d rather not talk about something in highly visible online spaces.

I’ve been processing a break up these last few weeks. To get it out of the way, I did the breaking up. If I count the number of times I’ve done the breaking up in my life, it requires less than one hand, and a few fingers are left over. So maybe I entered this situation naively.

I’m OK. I’m good. I’ll be fine. But I have struggled with it at times. I’ve struggled with a feeling of guilt, but also a surprising amount of grief. I suppose both feelings are normal. We were together for several years, and while we didn’t live together, we were very close. So grief is normal and expected. What I feel is normal, and it will pass. Saying it on the internet somehow makes it more real for me. And maybe that helps me down this road a few more miles.